The Headless Monks are a religious order that can be converted from any humanoid species by the

removal of the head. They wear cloaks with hoods draped over where their head should be, giving the impression that they still have a head. Under the hood, the skin is tied into a tight knot where the head has been cut away; however, most outsiders are unaware of this, because except under very special circumstances, one incurs a penalty of death if they ever see under the hood. The monks are endowed with the ability to throw lightning from their hands. They were first mentioned in "The Time of Angels", but did not appear until "A Good Man Goes To War".

Awareness   5      Coordination    3     Ingenuity  3
Resolve        5      Presence         2    Strength   3

Home Tech Level  7
Story Points  2 - 4

Alien Organs [Special] [Head has been removed and stored elsewhere]
Natural Weaponry - Bio Electrical range attack L(5/L/L)
Alien senses (Special) : each headless monk can still "see" and "hear"
Brave : The monks do not know fear
Fear Factor +2 to scare anyone once the hood is pulled back showing the lack of the head.
Obligation ( to the cyber papacy )
Code of Conduct
Dark Secret

Sword 5 (2/5/7)

Athletics 3
Fighting 4
Knowledge 4 [ Religious Doctrine ]

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